Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Arkon Chronicles

You can check out one of David's work, "The Arkon Chronicles", in which siblings David and Secelia struggle to find a cure for immortality for their brother, William, who is suffering monstrous effects from it.

TAC is perfect for viewers/readers who like a little bit of family drama mixed with some scythe-wielding action, and plenty of suspense.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The plot for "Silver Shock" has been renewed. Check it out:

A new chapter in the superhero timeline unfolds with the uprising of Silver Shock: The Resurrected Hero.

Teenage prodigy Kyle Zy dives into the world of danger when he is mysteriously resurrected after being incinerated, which gives him electric-based powers, and an unknown entity that's slowly taking over his humanity.

The events of "Silver Shock" takes place in the year 2049. Ten years after the discovery of a new element, Zyluxrium. The radiation from the element has conquered most of the earth, so the nations have developed a Bio-System. Inside these Bio-Domes, the inhabitants are safe from the radiation outside and within these Bio-Domes is the Core that stabilizes everything inside, from temperature, to amount of light it takes in.

In the Salvum District, Kyle Zy, along with his two best friends, Amelia Sterling and Jonah Henderson, sneak out of the Bio-Dome in full armor to scope the area that has been blocked out for a decade. Upon scouting the area, he finds a fragment of the element just as there's an explosion inside the city. After hurrying back, he and his friends discover that ATLAS, a scientific research facility, has been destroyed, and that Kyle's dad was one of the victims.

When Richard's co-worker, and Kyle's godfather, Dr. Charles Dimnex, explains that he and the other scientists were trying to find a way to contain the Core, which is destabilizing, using the element, Kyle rushes to the core. After Necrospec, a big-time criminal mastermind, fights with Kyle for the element, Kyle flings it into the Core. Kyle realizes the the Core was about to explode, so he activates the emergency shield. The Core explodes and incinerates everything in the room.

Three days later, Kyle is mysteriously resurrected, atom by atom, molecule by molecule.

The adventure begins...

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Xetra Studios and "Silver Shock"

Xetra Studios was founded by David Arkon (me) and Joshua Situmorang. At first, it was only me writing the script, but after I found Joshua Situmorang through my friend, Jimmy Doung, the CEO and founder of Mount Hua Studios, I just knew that I had to have him on this project. Joshua has some experience in this field, which is very useful.

Although the "company" is new, project "Silver Shock" has been in progress for more than two years (by me ALONE) until I decided to get some friends involved, as well as an ex-actress/writer.

Originally, "Silver Shock" was called "White Lightning" and was supposed to be a novel, but after much consideration, my ambition changed from writing a novel into a full-blown movie! I've been writing scripts for four years, and I'm a very fast learner, which allows me to write scripts with ease! Anyways, I eventually finished writing that movie script (which came out to be about 115 pages!!!) and my ambition changed again! This time, from a movie, into a web-series since I wanted to start small. I mean, who wouldn't want to start small?

I may be starting small, but I still want it to be professional. My plan was to use my school, Mark Keppel High School, which failed partially since the district wanted money out of this when this project is NON-PROFIT!!! But, that's okay. I have a Plan B; every genius should always have a back-up plan, and a back-up-back-up plan, and a back-up-back-up-back-up plan, and, well, you get the point. Plan B is to form an alliance with another company that can hopefully supply us with more resources.

Anyways, I'm hoping "Silver Shock" will go well since this idea is BIG. No, wait. It's BIG. 

"Silver Shock" will feature six episodes for one season. If there are over 1 MIL views for the series overall, I will execute a second season, which has already been planned out! 

Silver Shock

What is "Silver Shock"?

-"Silver Shock" is an upcoming sci-fi superhero web-series. It surrounds the "life", or rather, "death", of a teenager named Kyle Zy who is mysteriously resurrected after being literally wiped out from the face of the earth. The name of the series is the name of the alter ego that Kyle accepts after using his newly acquired to fight crime.

What is the plot?

-The plot revolves around Death. That's all I can say right now since I want to keep the plot info confidential.

Can you give us a breakdown of the main characters?

-There are a total of five main characters.

-Kyle Zy: An egocentric and arrogant teenager who thinks he can save lives without losing a few. His arrogance is shown in the first moments he's introduced, when he's sneaking out of the city with his friends after authorities have told him that it's too dangerous, but he shrugged off their warning. His arrogance is usually the cause of the actions that occur next. A cause-effect chain. Decision, consequence.

-Jonah Henderson: A know-it-all who helps Kyle out on the technical side. Jonah can be, at times, up-tight, but he always manages to finish what he's started. Jonah is the one who constructs the Silver Shock suit, which he builds using Nanoids, small nano-bots that Silver Shock can control by controlling its wave frequencies.

Amelia Sterling: Kyle's love interest. She's unaware of Kyle being alive and that he's Silver Shock, for now. She has conflicts with her father, Nick Sterling, so her only family remaining is her brother, Jack Sterling. While Kyle play hero as Silver Shock, Amelia is also investigating into the discovery of the element Zyluxrium, as well as a project her father worked on.

Necrospec: The main antagonist. He can be very aggressive and acts in a "shoot first, ask later" kind of way. His identity remains a mystery although it appears that he has access to the city’s database…

Voltage: The most intriguing character. He is arrogant, selfish, and aggressive. He has similar powers to Silver Shock and his plans remain a mystery. I recommend that the audience keep a close eye on this character, because he may not appear big in an episode, but he may be in the background somewhere. His identity is not yet revealed, but I assure everyone, it will be a BIG REVEAL.

What can the audience expect?

-The audience can expect intense sci-fi action, as well as mystery and suspense.

Is there a message for the series?

-Yes, there is. It’s a somewhat loose message, but I’m very serious about it. The message goes out to people who want to commit suicide because it is the third leading cause of death. Most people think that this series is just for "entertainment", but it isn't. I made this series to be able to send out a message.

The first part of the message:

In the series, one of the characters will commit suicide, and that affects everyone. If you suicide, you have no idea how many people will be affected by it. Think back to all the teenagers who committed suicide that left the community heartbroken. Sure, life can get rough and sometimes things just doesn’t work out like you imagine it to, but there's always more to life! Think about all the things you can achieve! It's not IMPOSSIBLE. It IS POSSIBLE.

The second part:

When Kyle is resurrected, he takes on an alter-ego, "Silver Shock". This part of the message is simple. If you die, you can never have the same life again. No matter how close you get. So, treasure your life. Think about your friends and your family. Don't just pretend to smile, do something that WILL make you smile. Because there is MORE TO LIFE. I know that a lot of people are considering suicide to exit their pain, but I'm hoping that this message will make them reconsider.